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Plex Hacker Demands Bitcoin Ransom

Bitcoin is a favorite payment method for both people who enjoy the disruptive aspect of digital currency, as well as people with less positive ideas.  After the whole Bitcoin-related ransomware … [Read More...]


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Bit-X Set To Launch Bitcoin Exchange DigaTrade

Bitcoin exchanges can be found all over the world, and their main goal is to make it more convenient for consumers to buy and sell the digital currency.  And even though there are quite a few exchanges in existence already, there is still a lot of room left … [Read More...]


Inside Bitcoins Chicago Is Almost Upon Us

Less than a week from today, the next Inside Bitcoins conference will kick off in Chicago.  As is always the case with Inside Bitcoins events, there is a lot of excitement surrounding this event.  Combine that with a long list of interesting speakers, and you … [Read More...]