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Crypto News

Bitcoin Poised To Change Cuba’s Financial Ecosystem

Bitcoin can be a powerful tool in unbanked and underbanked regions of the world.  But even oppressive regimes are a breeding ground for Bitcoin enthusiasm, as citizens can avoid the entire country’s ecosystem by using digital currency.  In Cuba, the first ever … [Read More...]

Bitcoin Goes In The Cloud With NetDepot

Slowly but surely, more and more merchants are starting to accept Bitcoin payments.  Not just because Bitcoin payments are a cheaper alternative compared to credit cards and Paypal, but also because there seems to be a large enough customer demand.  NetDepot … [Read More...]


Bitcoin Faces More Scrutiny In Russia Yet Again

Bitcoin in Russia is still facing a lot of adversity and even technology sites reporting on Bitcoin are being warned by the Russian media Watchdog.  The weird thing about this story is the fact that Zuckerberg Pozvonit, the tech site in question, published the … [Read More...]

Washbit Launders Bitcoins To Fresh Addresses

Bitcoin mixing services are nothing new and there is always a security risk associated with using these centralised services.  However, that is not preventing new players on the market from providing a slight twist on the Bitcoin mixing service.  Washbit … [Read More...]